Rejection ruled my life once apon a time ago. I still fear it in other ways but it's not as prevalent as it once was. I feel if I didn't still fear it so much I wouldn't be we're I am. I not only fear I will be rejected but my children too.
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Well, at least things are getting better for you.

That's the problem it's not.

Doesn't your story say it is??? Did I miss something, & why not?

I am we're I'm at because I fear rejection. I push people that like me away out of fear they will soon leave, rejecting me my kids, that's why Im still were im at and not were I want to be.

With the amount of time & effort you've told me you put into raising your kids, I don't think they'll reject you. As for everyone else, you won't know until you try.

It's complicated

Aren't we all?

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