I Just Want Someone To Accept Me For Who I Am

I cannot get close with other people, I have never felt close with anyone. I am afraid that if I relax and be myself, people will not like me. I am afraid that they wil reject me as a person. That's why everything I do, I do it only to please other people. I believe that doing that they might like me and want my company.
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I completely identify with your post, Symphony. You are not alone in this.

Just like me but my mom always telling me that you can't make every one happy and keep your self happy there is no happiness without secrefice so if you continued like that you will secrefice with your own happiness . Then you will never be happy with someone or without

*hugs* I can relate.

I relate to your post a lot. I do the same thing. :I

I ended up with a bunch of friends who I didn't care about because I never let them know what I was really feeling. Then I resented them for not knowing what I was feeling, and avoided them. I wish I was up front about who I was in the first place.

Ahh, well that's in the past now.

If you hide you from the world, they can never like you.

With something around 7 billion people on the planet, do you really think it is possible that they could all not like you.
The secret is to live life for you. That way, the people attracted to you are the people that really like you for who you are.
It is not easy.

I know, what you say makes sense. But still, the fear is constantly there. It's hard to get rid of it but I'm trying. Thanks for the answer.

good luck