I Don't Know About Afraid...

It's more of a thing i really don't like and try to avoid. If I have a hint that someone will, I push them away before it happens. If I think people will not accept me, then I don't try to force it. I don't like being rejected at all, it makes me angry and sad, which is the worst combination for me. So I reject before I am rejected. It might be because I am afraid, but I think its just a place I just don't go.

pleasegivemeasmile21 pleasegivemeasmile21
18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 11, 2009

I have been rejected many times ...Have not ask anyone do they like me as a partner or something but i dont care about rejection anymore... I guess cus i have been rejected so many times ....rejection smection lol who cares.... Just a dumb word ... YEt im sure ull be ok and wont get rejected if u dont fear so much i guess ...

Rejection is hard, but the regret is harder. That's why I always make it a policy to tell people how I feel. No matter what. :)