There's some pretty girls where I live but I'm afraid to ask one of them out for a few reasons. 1) rejection 2)she'll laugh at me 3) shallow and 4) just lie to me bc they don't want to "hurt" me
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Why is it so impossible for a white guy to find a black girl? Do they not like white?

become purchaser not seller

Rejection is nothing. It only hurts if you let it. Fear of rejection paralyzes even grown men. Many women l asked out at your age rejected me and laughed at me. And now when l see them they all look like 10 lbs of monkey crap stuffed into a 5lb bag. Don't let that stop you. I know its easier said than done but realize what is worse. Having the guts and beleif in yourself to take a chance and go for it or talking yourself out of it and saying "should have , could have, would have if l only took a chance ". I can take a no. What l cannot accept from myself is me talking myself out of taking a chance when it comes to women. I was the same way at your age . Be brave. Be the kind of person you really would like to be and don't let anyone's negativity hold you back , not even your own.

Go bang some ugly girls then you'll be ready


you're also assuming incorrectly that all pretty women are vapid shallow creatures. many women are just the opposite. they may be beautiful, but they don't want to be sough after for that reason. they want someone that can make them laugh, be fun, carry on an intelligent conversation and not be too complicated. hell, if they wanted someone too complicated, they'd date another woman.

Dude just suck it up and go for it yes u might get a rejection but at lest u will know

I thought your generation did the group date thing. If you're outside that circle, get in it. Once in, talk. Be casual. Desperation isn't becoming... much like a dog smells fear. If you're big into texting, just be careful before you hit "send". If you have a "friend-girl", confide in her. She'll tell you if you've got a shot or what to do to get one.

But how do you that certain person will do that if you dont take that chance and ask a girl out? Sure it might be scary to be rejected but atleast you tried and you will know that girl is not the one for you and there will be someone better who wont reject you

Yeah but a few weeks ago I had a dream about this girl that I didn't know and sometimes my dreams come true. But idk if it come true someday

Hey maybe its a sigh your dream girl is coming ;) but any who still it wouldn't hurt to step out of your comfort zone and giving it a go, the chick dont have to be pretty becuz most pret5y girls are stuck up and have to have a guy open the door for them don't go for a girl like tht, just a gal who is chill and wants to be with ya even be friend a girl and see where it goes?

Sadly there is no girl like that

There is just gotta look dude! She'll be out there, u dont need to be in a reletionship right at this minute enjoy life dont get tide to early yet haha, your girl could be anywhere just got to have good timing and you'll get her bud :)

Well then all the girls at ur school seem to need a reality check that just being pretty won't get you too far and need to see what great guys there are

At my school

Yeah. I mean I don't mind a long distance relationship as long the girl doesn't mind either

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The prettiest girls are not always
The right ones to ask out.
Consider a girl not based on what she looks like. Have you ever had a conversation with someone on EP and wished she was closer so you go out with her. You based your attraction on something other than beauty. That is shallow.
You probably are missing out worrying about a pretty girl who will probably say no anyway.
However you have a 50% chance of her saying yes if you do ask rather than if you don't.
Or ask yourself or a friend if you are too overwhelming? Do you need to clean up some?
I hope you find a cool chick pretty or not.

Great advice!

I know but most girls at my school thinks they all that. I just want a girl that is chill, that doesn't care about that stuff

I get you, another reason for me is what happens after she laughs and leaves

Yeah or not talk to you.

Yeah, but it's when she tells her friends and then everyone knows, that's really only bad if you made a fool of yourself though

True. But I'll kill them of they tell


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