Rejection ... It crushes you or gets you excited.
I get crushed by being rejected, but then I get excited. I don't like rejection for one reason only.
It gives me Permission to not Give A ****.
Rejection is negative but truthful. You honestly have to ask, why am I being rejected to understand fully. For many out there, their own perception of who you are, may not be accurately great. So your own interpretation to them, of who you are, may be read wrong. If that is not the case and they don't like you period or want what you offer.
Then learn to brush it off and work harder or plainly accept yourself.
Rejection gives me motivation and another aspect on who I am. It feels awful but that is the worst of a situation really. Unless hate is involved, rejection is healthy and needs to be understood. We won't always like each other but it is nice knowing better why
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Well, I'm not going to put myself in a situation to get rejected. I've been stabbed in the back enough times. I'm done.

You are absolutely correct! Finally, someone who truly gets it. We are the cause of our circumstances, not the byproduct. As individuals, when the world deprives us or rejects us, we first need to reflect on our own cognitive state, and determine which limiting belief systems are contributing to our social interactions.

Furthermore, before we can accuse the world of denying us something, we have to ask what we are depriving ourselves of. The world gives you what you give yourself, whether consciously or unconsciously.

The world around us is just a mirror of what's within. The brain is just the vehicle that makes our objective realities an "experience".

Yes, very much so, I love that metaphor! I believe that even though there is an objective reality, experience trumps reality because physical matter and existence is inherently meaningless without a mind to perceive and label it in the first place....just my person view, who knows :)

I completely agree, I studied (neuro)science myself, but if I lived by the scientific method every day, that would take the magic out of living, and really make me miserable. Spirituality is essential, and reducing reality only to what you can observe is just as agonizing. Potentiality is just as potent and real as what we observe because the original mind or consciousness (God) breed things into existence with the aid of potentiality and imagination.

I like to use the cardboard box metaphor. If there were a box at the side of the road, with no labels on it, objective observers would agree that it exists, just as bad bosses or exes exist. But, would the physical existence of this box have any personal meaning? No, it's a stupid box with no labels lol. As a person, i try to see bad things as the "Cardboard box". Something is only personal unless I label it as such, and I try to remain an "observer" to my life, as hard as it is. But i'm going off on a tangent lol. Perhaps we should continue this conversation through messaging if thats ok!

Yeah - I know what you mean about motivation coming from rejection. Especially when the rejection is not completely blatant or occurs only after some time. One of these rejections was incredibly transformative for me and I'm glad it happened.