one of the scariest things for me is rejection because i have been getting rejected all my life. So i try to be as perfect as i can but i never will get there anyone else get this way?
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This is how it is and sorry if it hurts nobody is perfect an the more you trie to be perfect the more you are going to come off desperate so you have to play it cool and don't come of like this is the only thing that matter or I am going to die and news flash every body get rejected

Stop trying to fit someone's ideal, and be your best possible self. You are enough, so you do not have to be sufficient for anyone else. Did you ever consider that these people that you want to accept you are just as flawed as anyone else? Do they meet your ideal? Probably not, so they're not that great. If they don't like you, they have no purpose in your life, and it's their loss for missing out on the great person you are. You don't need to be perfect to feel complete.

I have never heard of anyone that hasn't been rejected. In fact most successful people are the ones that got rejected to the most. If I were you I would try to get rejected. Do up to some random girl and ask for her number or ask her an odd question... you might get rejected, but you'll soon realize that nothing happens when you get rejected!! Nothing! And it doesn't mean you're any lesser of a person... because EVERYONE gets rejected ALL the time!!

Very well said!