Hey. I'm 16 and into this cheerleader. She's extremely beautiful. We go to different schools. Same city and county though. I want to talk to her at a football game this fall. Except I'm scared she'll ignore/reject me. How can I go about approaching her?
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Mean while she is wondering why guys don't talk to her more. Everyone is afraid of rejection. Everyone is attracted to happy confident people. Breath Sir, then slap a smile on that face and go talk to the girl. She will be flattered you did. After all in High School the guys from other schools are far more attractive than the ones a girl sees every day and knows all the faults of. lol

Go talk to her because if you don't you'll spend your whole life thinking "what if"

Does she seem to be into u also? If so take the risk only if u think it's worth it

Well she knows who I am

If u can't handle the heartbreak I wouldn't personally