Sometimes I fear that at my Job. Rejection of my ideas and my way to be. Also in my love relationships. Like If I Dont belong anywhere. Weird
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I think a lot has to do with being overly critical of yourself. Overly critical of what others think of you. Not really the fear of rejection. When you over analyze. You perceive, you are facing more things that can go wrong, then there actually are

Rejection gives me such anxiety :/

Yes me too. But we shouldn't we need to set our minds that not everybody Will like us as we can also like everybody right?

Try taking risks just for a change. Maybe it will open doors for you. If you were rejected, you can always stand again.

Hey! Thanks for the words. You are right. At least i try and If they say no i can get a yes

What type of work do you do?

Hi! I work at a production conpany. Videos and photos.

Sweet. That's awesome. OK, I used to work in Corp America and felt like everyone was smarter than me. What I realized, is that they weren't. It was a lie that I told myself. Mainly, I lacked confidence.

Confidence trumps everything. If you present an idea, even if it isn't as flashy a colleague's but you present it with passion and confidence, people will start to respond to that energy.

My suggestion to you is model successful people's behavior. Eventually, you'll morph into this super creative contributor.

Quick tips:
-Buy some personal development audios that you can download and just listen to them on your commute or workout. (This will just be a great motivating force in which to draw energy from. Les Brown is one of my favorite gurus in this space as he was told he was educable mentally retarded when he was a kid and now he makes millions as a motivational speaker and author)
-Google or Youtube your niche and see what other superstars are creating. I would subscribe to their newsletters if they have one and just see what resonates with you. Then I'd just borrow and abridge slightly. There is a great quote out there that says something like, "if I seem successful, it's because I stood on the shoulders of giants." Very loosely paraphrased. At any rate, everybody "steals" concepts.
-At night, sit in silence for 15 min before bed with a notebook and just write anything that inspires you. It doesn't have to even be related to a current project. Just keep an inspiration diary and write in it when the Universe gives you something good.

About the boyfriend thing. . .I just am a big believer in igniting yourself and just being passionate about whatever moves you. That fire is freakin irresistible. It's like flies being attracted to the light. Guys can't help themselves when a woman's light is turned on. Embrace the beauty of who you are and don't live in your head.

Wow Thanks for the advice and típs. You have no idea how much You just help and made my day better 😃. The guy thing you are the 2nd person that tells me that. I really have to consider that 🎉 I'll definetely Will to the list of inspiring things.
Thank You so much 😃 You are great!!!

I hate,when Im attracted to a guy and he already has a girlfriend

Yes it's one of the worst feelings