Rejection.... It Hurts

Really true.  Sometimes i feel like my family rejects me.  Just a few weeks ago, I wasn't invited to a family reunion.  My Parents were, and so were my younger cousins.  My parents said it was fun, and lots of kids were there, but i know they were holding something back.

But it was a real problem even before that.  Last year, I got rejected by a girl, and the school ridiculed me.  I was physically, mentally, and emotionally abused.  Ill spare the details.  But once the year was over, and I graduated my middle school, I was booed.  All due to one event.  The fallout was amazing.  I cant believe that one little thing can cause so many problems.  My unconscious mind went into overdrive and now I cant make a decision that might end up in rejection(asking people out). 

Lawlasaurus Lawlasaurus
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2 Responses Mar 2, 2009

Wait. Why couldn't you go to a family reunion with your parents? Were you grounded or something? If they left you at home for no good reason, that's pretty horrible. Maybe it's time to have a calm discussion with them about how their actions make you feel.
And if that doesn't work, try talking about it with an adult at school. I seem to remember our school counselor was worthless, but we had a few teachers who were more than willing to help out.
Get the help you need, even if you have to swallow some pride to do it. You're worth it.

Oh wow, I can't believe you read this far back. This incident happened a very long time ago to me, and its turned me into a different person.

I transferred to a different high school in the district and remade myself into a respectable person with friends who actually give a damn about me. I'm a junior in college now studying bioengineering, and I've had a few successes here and there with girls lol.

Unfortunately, the family issue hasn't been resolved, but I've now learned its not my fault. My dad didn't tell me at the time, but after one of my cousins graduated High School (I was just about to graduate myself) and I wasn't invited to the party (again), he took me aside and told me, "Certain parts of your mom's family doesn't like our kind." He said more than that, but short story is, skin color > family to those people. I don't talk to them any more.

Just to conclude on this, I did get some help. My emotional scars still hurt from time to time, but I'm stronger now. So thank you for worrying about me, I appreciate it.

I hope you find happiness. x