I'm always scared of rejections I'm like a little kid , I like some ill tell a friend my friend tells them and every time i see them I hid from them because I think of rejects my friend is always like "Jada your pretty you tall your not going to get rejected" next thing I know I blow my chance
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Your friends shouldn't be telling them you like them if you're not cool with it. It doesn't seem like it but its much easier to do yourself because then you won't hide, because that would be weird right? You should just do it really fast and not think about it. It's okay to be scared of rejection. Because it's bound to happen at least a couple times in your life, but you should take the risk anyway, you never know what might come out of it. Besides if they don't like you, you can pretend you don't care what they think, and sooner or later you won't. Tough it out, sister.

i had no friends at school and when i left i have problems trusting others