Im afraid of rejection because i know its going to hurt my pride. I like this guy so much. Ive been honest with him. But later on i noticed when we talked it was boring. There wasnt any flirting at all unlike before. I dont want him to go away. But it seems he ia drifting away. I wanted to tell him that i really like him a lot. But im scared to know what his intention is.
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Everyone is scared of rejection dear, but you have to be strong. It either is meant to be or not. If it is not then move on because it is your life, each day is precious and you deserve to find the love of your life!

I know it's going to be hard. But you should tell him how you feel. I mean he might really like you too!!

I had the same situation and I'm 16. I guess some things do stay the same

I thought older ppl were supposed to be over the games and just be upfront ?