My entire life, I'm 37. no girl has ever said yes when I have asked them out
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then your asking the wrong girls! there are so many fish in the sea.. but what would I know, I'm only 15 (: but seriously, there are a lot of girls out there that are thinking the same thing as u.. and someday maybe u will meet them !!

Well this has to be in response to something. Do you go for girls way out of your league? How soon do you ask? Do you not have a lot of confidence?

Someone being out of someone's league is a societies perspective not an individuals

How do you ask?

If at first you don't succeed, try try again

Its like I'm looking into the future.

try a singles group?

You only need to be brave for 20 seconds. You could change your whole life in 20 seconds!

Thanks :)

I'm 29 with two kids 3rd on the way with a guy I truly never loved...he is my second boyfriend....take your time the right one will walk into your life and you will just feel me your other half is out there just stop thinking about it so much and next thing you know she's there.

Being an introvert can be hard at times. You'll find the right women and she wont care that your introverted.

Yes I'll go out with you

Thank you but that'd be illegal

Ahaha ik :) I'm just trying to cheer you up :)

how do u apporoach bthem

How do you approach a girl for a date?

I try to not be an *******, try to be sincere. Admittedly constant rejection has killed the important confidence issue, but I'm still a good guy just really looking for someone just to give me a chance

Ok. Now, the question is what type of girls do you approach?

There is no one type. If I find someone I think is attractive either physically of personality wise I'll try cautiously to get to know them. I avoid someone that is fake and materialistic however.

How do u ask them?

The problem tends to be that being an introvert, it takes me awhile to be comfortable with someone to even ask then out. At that point I've already been friend zoned

Hmmm.. Well.. It wud be creepy to be going out with someone u dont know.. So being friends is MAYBE one step closer to be more than that..

That's what I hope but nothing has worked out in my favor yet

Keep trying :) ull get there eventually :))

but then he can get friend-zoned

Friends can be more.. :)))

But if it doesn't , Being rejected by a friend would hurt more than being rejected by a stranger :P

Yea but the probability of being rejected by a stranger is higher than a friend.. Thats from my point of view lol

depends the way you approach the stranger. I think there's a high chance the friend will say " Don't be silly ! We are friends ! " :P or something like " You almost had me there :D " lol

Lolol ok mister wise guy :)

lol :) That's right 😜

Lolol nice to meet u 😁

We didn't actually meet soo xD stranger

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