Afraid my entire life that I never went forward; so much that I always ran away even when I was approached. Finally, two months ago, I decided to do something about it. I was sick of being lonely and seeing other couples around me. Being alone on Fridays seeing others holding hands going into clubs or restaurants. I was dreaming of love coming to me and realized something had to be done. I was going to try online dating again although having had it fail numerous times in the past. But, I was not going to pay money. So, I went with this other free site that I had tried before two times and both times it failed, but vowed to stay the third. Well, someone came up and communication started. I knew, though, that that wasn't good enough and I had to meet this person. In the past, I would have just chatted and nothing would have happened because I would have feared being rejected and hurt. Well, I said "do you want to me" with the chance of her saying no or not responding. She said yes and now we are friends on Facebook and talk everyday.
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3 Responses Aug 25, 2014

Happy for you. So what happened two months ago to give you the push.

Good for you! If you don't take the risk,you will never know!

You are the only person responsible for your happiness. You are the only one who truly cares and can do something about how you feel. Keep at it, good sir.