It got so bad at one time, I didn't even try to do a damn thing. Not even play video games because I didn't want to lose. I got over it but it's still there. :(
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hey man... tell me all about rejection... tons of people reject me not cos of love or anything like that..but cos I look so far from the competent individual my resume says I am, employers kinda reject me straight..... ive faced YEARS Of rejection...but still I go on.

you will never know unless you try
start with a small thing as a video game you will stay anonymous and no one will know the real you, whenever you lose a game or your performance is getting bad just leave and join another game
life cant always be about winning, sometimes you win others you lose
sometimes you get rejected and others you will be accepted and you wont feel the joy of getting accepted unless you go through all of these bitter rejections