Ever since I was a little girl I have not been afraid of darkness, monsters, or burglars, but social rejection. It started in the sixth grade. My family made a big move and I faced the challenge of a new school. The first day I went to school, I wore a bright pink turtle neck and teal capris with butterflies on them. As I walked down the halls people snickered at me and made snood comments. No one really talked to me. That night my parents asked me how it was, I didn't want to worry them so I lied. I told them that I met a very nice girl named Mary. They were happy for me. What they didn't know was Mary was my imaginary friend. From when I was four. I cried myself to sleep that night. Ever since then I tried my hardest to fit in, to make friends who were "popular". I regret that. I was to young to understand that social status doesn't matter in the end. Putting "I was the homecoming queen." On a job application would not get me anywhere. I know young kids are on this website and I would like to say to them, don't let social status ruin your life. The people who are always popular, who don't care about their grades only about what people think don't make it far in life. Sure you may be popular now and have a great life now but, high school ends.
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That was a deep hearted story. I agree with what u say. I am in high school right now. Just entered. And I really don't care about social rating. What matters to me is to have good friends who care and understand. U have a very good story. Thx for sharing it

do not know what to say, I am 51 and still afraid of it. We cannot let it get the best of us.

Sweetheart - there are great people out there who feel deeply as well! They are your future friends or partners!

Trust in you. Be you.