I have always been afraid of roller coasters.... and now that that 13 year old girl got her feet severed on that ride at Six Flags in Kentucky... my fear just got a little worse..
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I, too, fear roller coasters, although I do ride them. I must point out, however, that the feet-severing accident was not on a roller coaster. It was actually a drop tower.

I don't do roller coasters at all. not even small ones. Not even the little kid ones. The closest I've gotten is The Log Ride at Six Flags and I didn't mind it but I won't do it again. I'd have a panic attack and probably pass out if I did one of the big ones. Oh, that would be before I pissed myself, of course! Roller coasters are a NO GO for me!

omg i have never been on a big roller coaster before and i am 14 years old. the only 3 amusement parks that are by me are six flags, knots berry farm, and disneyland. but out of all of them, knotts berry farm is closer. so i go almost everyday cuz i have that annual pass. i promisedmyself i would never go on big coasters because thay look scary. i won't go on anything bigger than pony express and sierra sidewinder. seriously.but yesterday i broke that promise. i tried ghostrider with my little brother and sister who are 9 years old. it was mine and there first time riding a big coaster. i was terrified.wen we started going up the trakks, i freaked out.i could see all of los angeles! but i knew there was no turning back. when we dropped, i screamed like holy mf and held on tite! that ride was the freakkin most crazziest ride id ever been on! seriously, it was CRAZZZZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it felt like a 20 point earthquake! i swear , no lie! i could not handle it....i started pannikking, i wanted the ride to stop. now. but it kept going. there are like 6 huge drops on that ride! i seriously thot i was going to have a heart attak or faint or sumthing. never again will i go on #5 rides ever again! and i dont care what names people call me! lol

Oh wow! Yeah I've seen Final Destination 3 (and the other ones). That freaked me out even more! And I'm so sorry to hear that elenay! Now I know will NEVER ride a roller coaster!!

wow! I saw a part of this horror movie, Final Destination 3, where they have this rollar coaster breaking while people are riding it! I chickend out and turned it off halfway though, to save my happy rollar coaster experiences