The Last One...

I used to enjoy roller coasters... well at least tolerate them. One day my cousin put me on one that dropped 150 feet and skimmed water. So now I am facing 2 fears... falling and drowning! Well as we were falling I could "see" the track breaking and me drowning with my face only about an inch from the waters surface! That was the last one I went on.... now I'm practically terrified... unless I'm with my brother.

GoddessNakiBean GoddessNakiBean
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3 Responses Feb 9, 2009

I can relate, after being through a massive earthquake earlier this year - I won't go on roller-coasters in case the shaking brings back memories.

I strongly dislike them ..and will never step on one again. I get so sick on them.....

The best thing that I can think of is getting to ride on lots of them....And being in the front car....It is soooo great...But there is this one that I want to go on in the dark....Called Ghost rider...It is a Knott's berry Farm...ANd during Holloween they put out all of the lights....and you ride it backwards....Boy do I want to go on that then......Yea...MNe I love those coasters...they make me feel so alive