Got So Scared On A Rollercoaster I Peed My Pants

the first time i went on roller coaster i was 12 and goin into 7 grade. my parents are in a club that goes there every year and this year my brother and sister along with about ten of my cousins came too. they teased me into getin in line for this small coaster that was actually considered pretty lame. it didnt flip, had a realitivy small hills, and had almost no sharp turns.  in line i tried runin away about fifty times to the point where they half dragged me to the top of the stairs. as the coaster was goin up the first hill i was so scared i was ballin and on the second hill i wet myself. everybody new and i spent have the day with a huge water spot on my crotch and down my to my socks before getting new ones.

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1 Response Mar 1, 2010

thats sad sorry