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I guess the reason I'm so afraid is because whenever I get that close to another person, they hurt me.  I'm so afraid of being hurt again, so I don't even let anyone get close to me anymore.  I wonder if anyone else feels like this...
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Was reading through these stories and I really identified with yours. I have the exact same problem. I can think of very few people that haven't hurt/used me. growing up. And for most of my life I've avoided serious relationships and even letting people really "know" me.<br />
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What may be of some help though...I saw a psychologist a while back that IDed it as a type of social anxiety disorder and had me do ascertiveness training with a therapist. He taught me how to keep from being hurt/used without avoiding potential friendships (still working on the serious relationship aspect) and to force my thoughts from negative to positive when I'm in vulnerable situations. It's helping so far. Might be something to look into.

at your age either you will break someones heart or they will break yours. that is the life of relationships for young people. try to be kind if you are causing the break-up. try to be strong if you are on the other end. thats life. it is worth it. life alone is very dreary. good luck

For the longest time, I was afraid of letting anyone get close. I was attracted to people, but knew that if I let myself like them it would make it easier for them to hurt me.<br />
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I finally realized that not letting anyone get close was hurting me too. So it was a choice of taking a chance of being hurt, but also a chance at being happy and loved. I started taking the chance, and I have been hurt, but I have been made happy more often.

You wonder if anyone else feels like this... I know for a fact that you are less alone than you think. On several occasions, I have met people who share this condition. I can't really help you on this one though, as I have had a totally different experience with sex...