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36 Year Old Male Virgin Scared Of Sex True Story

Hello some of you may be laughing about this,but in reality it is no laughing matter.

I am a 36 year old male who has never ****** a girl. I regualarly ********** and have been doing so since I was about 16. This is very pleasurable and I think I have probably made my **** and balls extra sensitive by doing this for so long and sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. I have done it with a full bladder when i have been desperate to pee. The sensations are wonderful and you dont wet yourself,it just feels great.

I do not say i have a small ****,but i am not very big either probably about 5 max 6 inches when erect. However I do have quite small balls very sensitive and often during ************ they seem to sink into me as though i have no balls!!! They dissapear and if someone saw this they would think i had no balls. After i *** they return to normal. Does anyone know why this happens?

It does not happen everytime but quite often.

The thought of putting my **** into a females vagina really scares me, I sometimes feel that i may not be able to satisfy her. DONT GET ME WRONG I LOVE WOMEN. I am great at foreplay and i love to touch kiss tickle and more. I once touched a girl down below and after some time there was a very strong smell. It was awaful that i just had to stop and wash my hands immediately. I did not put my fingers inside her. I only stroked and teased the outside of her *****. It kind of put me off. I am not saying all women smell but i am not used to such bodily smells. I know you think i am strange but my story is true and i cant be the only one.

I feel that i seriously need some help and i dont know what to do. I want to get married and have a family. I sometimes feel that the girls will laugh at me if my balls sink into me and i wont be able to make her pregnant.  Many people have said to me just **** a girl,but i feel scared i dont think i can do it.  Any help you can offer guys in terms of practicle advice and girls maybe if you have a way of helping me please let me know. I dont mean you offer yourself to me thats not what i am on about. However if you can teach me and not laugh at me it would be good. I long to feel a nice soft female hand on my **** and balls teasing me and maybe you can help me overcome my fear.


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Watch a male **** movie and you will see the balls shrink up almost every time. It is a natural reaction.
I see absolutely nothing wrong with you being a 36 year old virgin. I can say with certainty that your ******* from ************ were much more satisfying to you than to have had intercourse with a female. Only you or another male know what you want from sexual activity; there is no way a female could possibly know that.

well think that you need to take things slow and easy girls also can be scared of having sex and with a new partner this can cause anviety,your balls do appear to go into body as erection builds as skin in sac is drawn up **** to keep erection covered.<br />
strong smells from around vagina area in some women are normal but in others can lead to a problem/infection in that area,If you are adverse to these smells and don't like a girl smelling strong you could always have a joint bath and wash each other as part of foreplay.hope this helps.