Afraid Of Diseases

Ok....I have problems but there's always hope....I'm 34,sinlge,and havent even kissed a woman since I was problem is this;  Six yrs ago I met a woman off the internet and what developed was just a non-intercouse/non oral fourplay relationship if you can believe that or not but it's true...I work in the health industry and being around aids patients struck fear in me at a very young age.....What happened was that I developed a major hiv tongue symptom and i had never even had sex with this woman just mutual ************....I have been testing negative for hiv since then and it has been over six years now and I'm still paranoid to have sex ,and I take an hiv test every six months with negative results....Do I need serious counseling or what?  Please pray to the Lord Jesus Christ for me people  to get over my fears of having sex because I don't want to be alone for the rest of my life...I do want marriage someday etc....I've also wondered if i could meet someone (young lady) who has the same phobias as I do....Please I need help...

ed19999 ed19999
31-35, M
Feb 15, 2010