I think I'm actually quite a brave person (or maybe you'd call it foolish) for example, I took on a group of 20 girls my age who were harrassing me. I once saved my sister when she fell head-first through a greenhouse by putting my arm there instead, and when my mum had one of her fits I stayed calm and looked after her.


But sharks... Just the group picture makes me shiver.

I don't know why I have this really intense fear of them. I mean, I know it's more logical than having a fear of feathers - but I live in the UK, where sharks (and usually basking sharks) are seen once in a blue moon and make the front page - and I do not HATE sharks, I would like to make that clear, I understand that they are not born man-eaters (although there could be that exception to the rule *shivers*). I know that you're more likely to be killed by a coconut falling on your head than a shark attack, but still I cannot shake this fear.

The closest I've ever been to a shark is a seaworld aquarium in Brighton - we all walked through a tunnel made of glass which was over a foot thick and then around the edge of the tank, all I could think about was one of the sharks smashing into the glass and breaking out. Or falling in to the tank and beng devoured. And they were only small!

I'm scared of heights, but I would consider doing something like skydiving, I'd be terrified - but I'd do it. But sharks... Never ever would I go diving with sharks, or into shark-infested waters. Never ever. I think if I went underwater in one of those cages I'd die, the shark wouldn't even have to come near me, I'm fairly sure I'd have a heart-attack and die as soon as I saw it.


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I agree ~ they totally petrify me, too. I don't swim in the ocean at all, just walk near the shore.