So Scared That I Vomit

i am so scared of snakes,they are my biggest fear ever,and living in australia doesnt help my phbia of these disgusting things,i hate the way they are shaped n slither along,i feel sick thinking of them ,if i see one on tv i literally throw up,i have only ever had the displeasure of coming across one only once,not including the ones at zoos ect,i was walking in the park and my friend pointed it out slithering along the road ahead of us,well that was it i ran to my car and our afternoon stroll was over,i wont ever go back there,i was so sick from that experience,when ppl ask y im so scared and what dont i like,well i just dont like them full stop they creep me out,even worms freak me out infact anythng that looks similar makes me ill.
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7 Responses Mar 18, 2012

Goodness! I wish I could help you!

thats normal and yes snakes is really scary just imagine this will easily could bite anyone else so i think its ok to be afraid with snakes.

You need a man to scare them away babe xxx

Good moaning..its a beautiful day

sounds great darling..relaxing today,working tomorrow 8am-4pm.Got a mates farewell from work tonight.
can i at least sms you?..mine is 0403215494 dont be shy...and i fear no reptile!!

Do you have skype or messenger?..and i dont mean for sex..i mean to chat..phil x

Umm i was before, but cancelled.Find EP more entertaining and you have yahoo or h/mail?<br />
Phil x

Babe,the chances of getting bitten by a snake or red back spider or funnell web are very slim,like walking across the road and getting hit by a car or winning lotto.Think of the odds darling..impossible odds.Phil