Actually I Lied - I'm Not Afraid of Snakes But Respect Them

I've hiked all over CA and have not seen many snakes - only one rattler in my whole life.  But, the other day my son came and said, "Mom look at the window, there's snake trying to get in".

This snake tried to get into our house thru 3 different windows.  It was a gopher snake about 3 feet long.  I got pictures of it trying to get into my computer room window.  My scientist friend in New Zealand said May is mating time for snakes in CA - so it was probably mate hunting.  We live on 16 acres that are pretty remote - not many snake clubs here!

Anyway, I got some great pictures of this love hungry snake.  And it was a great experience.

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6 Responses Jun 16, 2007

No snake in my house now. I have moved 2 times since that first snake story. I don't know what that snake thought it was going to find. I'm sure there wasn't a snake inside. It was a totally weird day.

Does that mean there is a snake in your house and this one was just looking for it?

So true. The ball python they first got him escaped and we found it in the living room where it had expired from the cold. You have to keep them warm at 85 degrees. Our electric bill went up $50.00 just to keep that snake warm. I resented that!

And my friend bought her 7 year old son a pet snake. I wonder - what sort of bonding will these two do. Totally weird in my opinion.

Don't like any of them.... I have seen moccasin's here in Pensacola, we live on the water and I know they are out there and I'm always careful about walking to the dock at night..

Wow, I didn't know Australia had so many poisonous snakes. In the state of GA where we have a house there are cottonmouth water moccassins that hang out by the pond. They are worse than rattle snakes I hear. My daughter has shot 3 of them in the past year. I don't think I like that country! Thankfully, most snakes are shy. Cottonmouths will stalk you!