Close to a Snake

forgive my english i'm italian. So one day I went walking in a green river area, then I sat down on a piece of concrete. 5 minutes passes. Next thing I remember is I turn my head left end I see the head of a quite big snake and the monster was looking at me. It came out behind me. It was about 3 feet from me. In less then a second I jumped up and run like hell away from it.

About 50 feet away I stopped and I turned back. There was no snake at sight. I slowly walked back for curiosity. About 5 minutes later I saw it came out again from a fence.

Probably the snake was afraid by my reation the same I was. It was really long. 5 feet minimum. Then it was going on the concrete and down to the river. Maybe it was dinner time !!

I remember I was disgusted by that long snake and it was so close to me.

Quinzio Quinzio
31-35, M
1 Response Jun 17, 2007

I don't know if I would have gone back to check out where the snake had gone! Also, don't worry about your English, it is much better than my Italian, and fantastic aside from that.