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Here are a few things I do not fear.  Public speaking, death, the opinion of others, being broke, being abandoned.  But snakes, for some reason, just creep me out, right up there with needles.  At 14 I spent the summer in Santa Fe.  I had been swimming in a pond and was drying myself off.  The golden retriever that lived on the ranch where we were staying was next to me.  I heard a rattle and saw the strike.  The retriever snatched the villian out of mid-air and killed it.  It was over in seconds, but even now it gives me chills.  Perhaps I owe that dog my life. 
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yep yep yep, for a while (smile)

YIKES! Good husband.

Here's a snake story for you. I was in South Dakota and my huband pulled up to a parked car on my side at this ranch house. It's dark outside and I had my 3month old baby in my arms. I step out the door and head toward the door. The dog started barking a<br />
up a storm, so hubby went in for the flashlight and rifle.<br />
By now I'm in the house wondering what the hell is going on outside. Then I heard the rifle shot. Oh S***.<br />
Hubby comes back and he's OK. Said there was a rattle snake under that parked car right at my feet.

millipedes are the worst! and buying shoes for them is a nightmare!

I'm not fond of large spiders, but I've had to learn to co-exist with them because I've lived in so many old houses. They love to locate their webs in drafts...easier to catch stuff in them that way. It's pretty ingenious, really. The creatures that really ick me out are millipedes, which also enjoy living in old houses. They are beyond disgusting!

Oh yeah. There was a big story about it in the local paper. 12' long. I would have passed out.

Rather like people.

The school I went to had a wonderful Biology teacher named Mr. Cadbury. He was quite a nut - amazing at bird calls. His classroom was something else - it had, among other things, a 12' boa constrictor named Lucy. We got to watch her being fed rats; quite dramatic. One day, during winter holidays, Lucy disappeared. Being cold blooded, it was assumed she had died. 3 months later, 15 miles away, an elderly woman who lived alone was opening up her windows to welcome Spring. She discovered Lucy, curled up - Lucy had been nestled in-between the window and the shutter. While the unfortunate woman did not have a heart attack, she WAS severely rattled. Lucy was as good as new and returned to the school - much to our delight.

Yeah, I suppose the whole bibilical "Snake as Satan" thing makes sense also. But a creature that is essentially a tail with fangs striking at you could probably wipe that symbolic association from your mind, at least temporarily.

Oh yes! The Bible is a misogynistic diatribe - just another reason to hate it.

Oh and what about women. Eve gave women bad press too! Well....In some cases she did! :-)

Some Dog! (To paraphrase Charlotte.) The "no limbs" thing makes sense to me. As fellow reptiles I must give them their props, but still, something about them - yikes. (I've always assumed that the primal fear went back to the Garden of Eden story - snakes have suffered from bad press from the very start.)

El: <br />
<br />
You could be right with the golden retriever saving your life and sending you on to new adventures in life!<br />
<br />
Just don't get that darn snake even close to me!!!

There is a theory that humans are instinctively freaked out by snakes because snakes have no limbs. Makes sense.<br />
<br />
I think snakes are beautiful and fascinating creatures, as long as they aren't about to kill me, of course! What a great dog, taking out that rattler for you. Dogs probably hate them for the same reasons we do!