Welcomed Home By a Snake

My 14 yr old daughter and I returned home the other day, and just before I stepped onto the porch, I saw what looked to be a "fake" snake lying right in front of my door.  It looked far too perfect to be real.  However, with my tremendous fear of snakes, I was not willing to take any chances, so I stopped my daughter who was coming up behind me and we both stared at it.  Finally, she threw our home security sign (the only thing handy) right at it's head and the thing coiled up and raised it's head at us!  I began backing away and had to go back to retrieve her ... she wanted to stay and watch the snake.  Finally, it slinked away.  I so hate to admit it, but bless her heart, she was the only one willing to go unlock the door and then went to the back and unlocked that door for me so I wouldn't have to go on the porch!!  I am such a chicken!!  Looked it up on the internet, found out it was a "coachwhip" snake.  Not poisonous, but they can be quite aggressive, and we're lucky it didn't decide to take revenge on the head smack! 

batemangirls batemangirls
31-35, F
Jun 20, 2007