Kill Them All

my ex-wife decided to buy a snake for the kids, knowing that i fear them. The kids were happy but i was piiiiiiiiisssssssssssed. After a few days of me reminding her of my fear and my hate of them, and after her telling me too bad, i took matters into my own hand. I put bleach in it's water bowl and it died a few days later. I acted like i didn't know what happened to it. She totally disrespected me and my feelings which is one of the many reasons i left her. But i feel no remorse for killing that evil treacherous thing.  I recently moved to louisiana where there are snakes a plenty. Sometimes i hate myself.
thatguy78 thatguy78
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2 Responses Jul 13, 2007

yeah, but i found a good job and the cost of living is lower than cali.

just jokin about hatin myself. just hated the fact that i didn't realize how many snakes were in louisiana before i moved here!