No More Snuba-diving For Me.

I have always been terrified of stingrays and sharks.  I used to love the ocean, and still love the beach, but I won't get in the ocean these days.  I went snuba-diving in Hawaii. I was oblivious to the sharks and the stingrays that were swimming close by.  One of the sharks actually swam right over top of my head. Given the sharks that were closest to us were sand sharks, but a shark is a shark and a stingray is a stingray.

When I was watching the video of my adventure with my friends I freaked when I realized how close i was to those dangerous animals.   I haven't been back in the ocean since although I love walking across the beach, smelling the salty air.

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4 Responses Mar 3, 2009

How do you feel about WYRD Wolfs or in my case WYRD doggie?Mmmmm I bet your toes would taste good...DD

I have not been a happy ocean person since I was a teenager and got caught up in a pool of baby jellyfish. They were everywhere my tiny bikini wasn't and since then it takes A LOT to get me in the ocean. Sharks terrify me and are just one more great reason not to go in past my knees :)

Stingray's wont hurt you unless you step on one or provoke it. We swim around them all the time while scalloping in the bay. When you walk, you have to do the stingray shuffle.<br />
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Sharks............Whoa man. They are scary. I saw one guy nearly walk on water once to get away from the hammerhead in the bay! LOL. I think shark attacks have increased because as usual for humans, we like to encroach on wildlife's habitats. People go on shark dives and feed them, then some sharks equate humans with food.............that's just part of it but I think the encroachment is an issue. It's like culling the deer population because they run into our cars in the country. We encroached on their habitat. I think it's a travesty.

Now I like them in aquariums but I have no desire to swim with them any longer.