Fear of Being Good

Ok, this sounds stupid, but its real for me. I belong to one of the biggest art sites on the net and an art appreciator tells me I am going to be a huge success and I am just feeling spooked......like I am scared of being good at what I do.....

I told him I was not that good and he said he knew I could not accept this at my age, but he said I will see it as true in a few years...and I am happy but have anxiety.

Can anyone else say they have been scared of being successful? Or of being called excellent?


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I can only empathize - I am afraid, too. I'm afraid that if I succeed, I might be in the spotlight & then screw up in front of EVERYONE, or of looking stupid. Afraid I'll get overwhelmed and 'freak out' and wish I were pseudo-invisible. For me, it most definitely comes from how badly I was raised - try feeling the feeling, looking at the roots of it & just keeping taking the next little step - afraid or not, you'll be ok!

Hi, I absolutely understand your fear, and it's great you have realized you struggle with success. Now, you just have to save yourself from it, because it will literally suffocate you. Perhaps some of it has to do with messages you received while growing up? Did anyone tell you that you weren't good enough or weren't going to achieve anything? Unfortunately, many parents don't prepare their children for success, so we have to reparent outselves in this area. Don't let anyone take your power from you. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other, and take a lot of deep, steadying breaths.<br />
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Best of luck....you deserve it all!<br />
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Anybody would be somewhat nervous if they knew that they could be really successful; the fear might come from that one is afraid of failing or not living up to the success; but don't worry sweetie; one day we all take our big steps out somehow (there are so many types of successes), and I know that you won't regret it when you take this step. And probably you will gain many new experiences too, which you might never have gotten if you didn't take the chance: THere is no strict path laid out in front of you in life; You are what you do (according to the existentialist). . Shortly said; it is like holding a big speech; one is incredible nervous before the speech, but at the exact point when you start speaking, then this anxiety most likely is converted into positive energy; and you'll see that you are far more capable than you thought! :D