Always Have!

I know im 21 but i am so scared of the dark!
I have always been scared i dont think it of the dark itself its what could be hiding in the dark!

2 years ago my friend was on a mission to cure me of all my fears! we tried dogs, clowns n horses! known worked so she thought dark lets do it!

We were walking home from our local n we were walking through the park which is huge n not lit up at all! it was about 2 am summertime so it was still a little light!
I was doing really well walking just talking to her n i wasnt worrying to much i was looking around constantly though!

Then she screamed and started to run making me think something had happened! She then went running past me n left me in the park on my own! I cried n lets just say im not cured!

Another time was when i was at my mates house n they turneed the lights off n walked in making ghosty noises!! they thought it was hilarious but even though i knew it was only them being idiots it didnt help i was again crying!!!

My god i need to get a grip!
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4 Responses Apr 9, 2007

NOT cool :( man i would slap them all soooo hard..

its just a sense of not knowing whats there like iamevil said its a defense mechanism a lot of people do it.

I went to Turkey last fornight n they had a power cut in one of the bars!! I was crying my eyes out n all the little kids were cheering n still running about like fools!<br />
<br />
When the lights came on one of my mates over there couldnt understand why my face was full of tears n streaked mascara bless him as he was sat next to me the whole time n didnt hear me!!!

I am with you here. I am also 21 and terrified of the dark. Last night there was a power cut and I stood in the doorway of my room screaming until my younger brother came down and took my hand and led me upstairs to my mothers room. I wonder if it ever goes away?