I'm Scared Because Of Him.

I use to love the dark, just go and hid in it...but after pete i can't even have one light off.
When i was dating him he would lock me in his bathroom with no light, for 3 days I couldn't see anything and when he would come in there i didn't know what was happening...The windows were blocked so no sunlight, i was ussally blind folded...that was years ago...but still I will never get over that. I have gotten better about sleeping in the dark though...it will just take time.
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Are sure you are 16-17?
That means you start dating before age 14 and that's very not right.

Do you have any idea why he did that?

Yes I'm sure I'm 16.
Its not right...cause he hated me? idk.

I'm sorry about your experiences. I hope that you are alright now.
There was a guy in Austria that got jailed for that kind of thing.... He had his daughter in the cellar for 24 years... The cellar was built for that purpose.

Oh yeah I'm fine now :)
damn that guy is messed up...

I'm glad you are alright now :)
Yeah.... Search "Josef Fritzl"

oh okays :) i will do right now