Imagination Made Me Afraid

As a little girl i grew up having a wild imagination, everything that i couldnt do in reality was done in my imagination, id fight dragons, pretend i am one of my favourite cartoon shows characters, pretend like i am one of those beautiful still strong girls, who fight for themselves but also for their princes. I can not deny that almost every child went through this and i cant deny either that i dont still imagine this things. thought i am a teenage now imagination is still one of the biggest part of my life. but sometimes things went strange with me where i would imagine things i dont want to, its like my brain is forcing me to do imagine everything, especially before i went to bed. i'd imagine monsters, ghosts and animals ready to attack me, id listen to any small little sound and make a story out of it. it was funny-scary at the beginning but it got horrible, i wouldnt want to imagine these things but they'd just go through my mind, leaving my hand griping the blanket to cover my entire body giving me asthma attacks as the air was running out. looking at a picture that the dark almost covers makes my heart beat faster closing my eyes to take out what i saw.
Maccheeseburger Maccheeseburger
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 6, 2012

As a little girl, I'd imagine my world around me was different. The shapes in the dark shifted into violent shadows, I'm scared of being in a bathroom alone, because I imagine there is someone in the stall near mine, someone who will pop out just to scare me. I'm scared of the mirror above the sink,fearing that as I bend to wash my hands and rise again, there will be a face in the mirror or someone behind me, waiting to scare me. I'm scared of being scared. And all because of my imagination.