So, I'm not really afraid of anything. The only things I'm afraid of are frogs, and the dark. The dark? I know. It sounds dumb. But I am. When I'm with someone, I'm fine. Just extremely paranoid. I'm constantly thinking something terrible will happen.
When I'm alone. It's worse. I can never fall asleep in the dark. I swear, someone is watching me. It's like all my nightmares came to life, and I know they're there. Watching every move I make. No one really understands this. Hah. I don't even understand it, and I'm the one with the issue. I become very paranoid. Every noise I hear, I instantly think "I'm going to die." I look at my window, I swear someone is looking in it. Someone is going to come at me, any moment, and take me to a place no knows of. It will be truly hell. I get so worked up.
I love storms. They're one of my favorite things. But at night. It's different. I get so terrified. The power goes out, I'm in tears. Whatever "it" is, will take me. Finally catch me. I'm just going to die one day. I swear.
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I feel the same when I'm trying to go to bed or simply walk down a dark hallway. I always feel like something is there creeping in the shadows, just waiting for that perfect time to jump out and attack me.

You're not afraid of the dark, you're afraid of what's in the dark. It happens to a lot of people, simple solution, get a night light ;). Lol but forreal just tell yourself it's you're imagination, keep a light source nearby , flashlight, phone, etc. Maybe this will help

I feel the same way, Sometimes I feel like something 30 times bigger than me is going to come in and sling me across the room, I swear it feels like its going to happen one day,

I believe u don't hv d spirit of God in u