Just As Much As When I Was a Child

I stay up late because I'm afraid of the dark.  Part of it is fear of the unknown, of what I can't see.  Another part of it is that once I turn out the lights and go to bed I know I will lie there in the dark with my racing thoughts.  The darkness reminds me that everyone else is asleep and I am alone.

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5 Responses Aug 29, 2008

I am absolutely terrified of the dark. If i turn off the lights and it's pitch black, i freak out. I've already had a panic attack because of the fear that i am alone and something is watching me and going to "get" me. I can't even go to my room because i have to walk from my ba<x>sement, to normal level, and then upstairs to my room. Its so dark i freaked out one night and just started screaming and went into fetal position until my dad came out to get me. I just want to be able to be in the dark and just be okay with it. Some people are like," It's your friend, you will get used to it". If i tried that, i would literally have a heart attack. I'm just really scared. Please help me.

It's okay, I'm still afraid of the dark too; I can't sleep unless I have a light on. It's really embarrassing because now my twelve year old sister is climbing on my parents' bandwagon trying to make me get over it, and all they do is make me feel stupid and infantile. Glad to know I'm not the only one out there with this annoying fear.

Imagine the dark will last forever because the sun just decided to turn a different corner tonight. ould that freak you out? Then temparature would drop to -500 degrees or something and youd be shivering in a frozen bed.

jake, feeling alone in a crowd is something I'm way too familiar with.

i have nights like that. but i find peace in the dark, the moonlight casting that beautiful glow on things. (and i've always been lucky enough to live close enough to either here the fog horn of a light house or a train whistle.) Trains are cool, cause i just toss my thoughts on the train and let it take them away.