Fear Of The Dark

It is not like I sleep with a night light or anything. Well, not anymore. That was when it was normal; not like now. I guess I should explain my history.

I suppose it all started when I had an interest in the paranormal: ghosts, to be more specific. I would watch every show about them I could manage, just for entertainment. My mother warned me I should not watch such things because viewing them made a portal to me, or something like that. I ignored her warnings.

Because of my religious beliefs, I do not actually believe in human spirits roaming the Earth. So as I watched the events that happened to these people, with genuine photographic evidence and video evidence, I became more and more convinced that there is real evil on this Earth. Also, there were obvious patterns in the spirits' patterns, behavior, and activity which were consistent with my holy book.

Not long after, I began to notice that some places in my room at night were darker than they should be. It also seemed to me that black fog was moving near these places. I wear glasses for distance so I thought it was just my imagination or I was just seeing things. They became more frequent but I never paid any special attention to it.

One night, I heard a muffled voice as if it was speaking to someone in the same room. The noise came the direction of my door so I assumed it was my mother speaking to my father. Our rooms are fairly close and it would not be the first time she had done this thing. She would talk to my father in the apartment we lived in before we purchased our current house late at night and I would have to bang on the wall to hint to her that her murmuring was annoying. The murmuring had became so obnoxious that I could not ignore it or go to sleep. Yet, I could not make out a single word from the constant muffled voice. I must have opened the door 5 or more times in attempt to catch my mother in the act but each and every single time I did, the voice would instantly stop. I opened the door as softly as possible to avoid alerting my mother but no: not a peep from her side when the door was opened. I eventually got so mad at the muffled voices that I knocked on my parent's door to confront my my mother but she claimed that they were not speaking, and I believe her. Looking back, my father did not respond and was probably sleeping.

One day, I saw the black fog above my head. I tried to rationalize that I was just seeing stuff again. No matter how hard I tried, it was there and did not go away. I turned on the lights because I was uneasy and it was not there anymore. I read some of my holy book, hoping maybe it would help somehow. I turned off the lights and instead I see a humanoid's shadow of a head figure looking down on me. I looked around the room to see what might be causing this round shadow and everything in my room at the time was made of flat surfaces and corners. I even moved my head to see if I was the cause of the shadow: no response. I turn the lights back on and it was gone. I walked from my room to the fridge and back: the shadow of the head did not return.

I have also seen, on more than occasion I believe, lights in the corners of my eye sight that disappear when I look directly at them. I think also saw a purple eye form in the darkness of my room but I am unsure. Sometimes when I see the fog at the ceiling of my room, I am too afraid to look directly at it. I am even reduced to hiding under my covers to avoid seeing these things with my eyes. Pretty shameful for a male of over 20 years.

There was even a time when, although it was not dark, I took a nap, I believe around the afternoon. As I was in a state of being half asleep, I felt something between the base of my fingers. I wondered what it was and I could then feel its shape in my hands. I tried to confirm if what I was feeling was real or not and it began to expand. It expanded so much that my hands must have slid by themselves, from around my head to my waist. All this when I had not even opened my eyes from my nap. There was nothing there when I woke up and the door was locked.

My latest experience was seeing moving shadows in my room around 4 o'clock in the morning. I had insomnia that night and could not sleep. This one shadow seemed to me like a decapitated goblin head with a long tongue swaying left and right.

You can make fun of me if you want but I pray not to see these things.
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I"ve had my fair share of paranormal experiences, I ask a minister in my church and she said that some people are more sensitive to the "spirit world" and the best thing to do is ignore them.

or hide under your covers lol :P