Not that I've ever admitted it to anyone who knows me but I've always been afraid of the dark. I'm not sure how to explain it, but you know how kids grow out of the 'monster-hiding-in-the-closet' stage? Ya, I never did. It's far from a phobia, I don't fall to the ground wailing about monsters and then lie there in a quivering heap of my own waste as soon as the lights go out. But I'll never be comfortable inthe dark. When the lights do go out however, I get very still and suddenly I'm on hyper alert, listening to every sound and following every shadow wether they're real or imaginary. Still, come night I turn the lights of and tell myself to grow up. I'm not a child who needs a night-light in case I need to go pottie... but sometimes I think a night-light wouldn't be such a bad idea. If only I wasn't so proud I might sleep more easily.
Faile Faile
18-21, F
Jul 4, 2007