Night Light Lover

For some reason, I have never been able to shake my fear of being in a dark room.  From the time I was little I always demanded that a light be on in my room when I went to bed.  I'm 22, and still have never mustered enough courage to fall asleep in a pitch black room.  I have even challenged myself to try it.  I would make it about two minutes until an agonizing sense of dread would pour over my thoughts. 


     I can literally feel my mood change when the darkness engulfs the entire room.  Even if I am asked to go upstairs when the lights are off, I run and quickly find the nearest light switch to turn on so that I don't feel so scared.  To me, it's sort of crazy - the things that run rampantly through my imagination when I'm in the dark. 

      At least my night light is a little less obvious these days... I just keep a bright screen saver on my laptop at all times.

zweetbea zweetbea
26-30, F
Mar 5, 2009