Don't Like This...

Haven't really slept for two nights straight. That's because I'm home alone and I am afraid to sleep alone because of the dark. Sometimes when there were no one at home for weeks, I'd just stay up at night watching dramas and movies. Or I'd sleep with the television on.

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1 Response Dec 12, 2009

I use to do the same thing when I was your age and my husband would travel. It was a horrible feeling. The house would make noises that I never heard before just sending chills down my spine. I'm probably the same way now also; but, my house is full of grown children and a semi-retired husband so I haven't had to be alone. <br />
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I think about when the kids are all gone and if my husband passes, how will I survive? My only comfort is I watched my Mother go through this too. She had a house full of kids that just came back constantly. There was always someone coming home. Eventually, she had to face being alone and she did fine. I know she felt like me, even though she never talked about it. I remember when my father would go away on business trips, she would put a chair up against the back door lol! No wonder I have problems being by myself!