But Not With This One...

He is an oral surgeon actually. I needed my wisdom teeth removed. Two of them, lower molars.

His clinic has been calling me up since last year. I keep ignoring it. Call me chicken. I just don't like dentists. Then I woke up last Friday with this terrible soreness on my left side. I knew already why. I called his clinic and had my appointment today.

To drive about an hour and see someone you might hate is not comforting. There I was driving alone and thinking horrid stuff that might happen. Singing in my vehicle was not helping. The driving turned into trudging.

A few minutes after noon time, I met my oral surgeon, Dr. W. He is quite old but look extremely lean and strong. He had the most reassuring smile. He made me remember my grandpa.

And he talked and talked and talked. Endlessly explaining and answering my non-stop queries. I love his accent. I thought it was Scottish. But he is English, he said; but up north, close to Scotland. I was almost correct.

Both wisdom teeth needs to be taken out and even packed with bone fillings. I asked about those. He said these are bones donated from diseased people. Boy! Did my eyes bulge when he said that! I automatically thought of that old film with Michael Caine, The Hand, where he lost his hand and ended up with another (or same) hand but was a murderous hand later on.

If I start biting people, then you know why...don't know whose bone fillings these belonged to before.

So on April 21st, I am scheduled to be put on IV and sleep during the oral surgery. Three to five days of recovery. I probably would have delayed it more since I am just afraid...but not with Dr. W.

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Brainyblonde... cool name btw... it didn't really hurt. I was out anyway a few minutes after they brought me in the OR and woke up very much groggy. The pain came after... the healing... and I had cysts removed as well - that just made the healing longer. But codeine is great for such occasions! And when I finished my codeine... well... hello, Advil... I was in pain for almost two weeks after. But both sides healed really well. Thanks for commenting! *hugs*...

Oh, thanks for asking, AnarCh... uhm, it took me longer than other people to heal. There were cysts on both sides needing to be removed. The five-day recovery turned into almost two weeks. The procedure itself was painless because I was asleep... but the healing period... ugh! Couldn't eat... I only had shakes, smoothies, ice cream, yoghurt... could not open my jaw wide enough for three weeks... could not run because my cheeks bounces when I do... very limiting for almost a month.<br />
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I had the panoramic x-ray yesterday and my orthodontist said he would not have known if I had not told him about it. So it healed pretty well. Just longer than the others...

So....... how did it go?

Ugh!!!......... Thanks a lot, Michelle......... you, sadist....... LOL!

I would be put to sleep, too. Just give 'em to me straight and strong... whoohoo!!! <br />
<br />
It's nearing though... my surgery... 12 more days........ *drums beating softly...*

Oh yeah...dang! I forgot about that...like how I would look after. My dentist did tell me about it...and even showed it to me with his face...such a funny man! LOL I'll be off from work from Wednesday til that weekend...I hope the swelling will be okay by Saturday...wonder if I could belly dance then...hmm...<br />
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How do you open your mouth though if you're asleep? Are they going to put a clamp on my mouth? Ugh!!! The horror!!! It won't distort my face, ay? Never realized this wisdom teeth could be such a hassle...<br />
<br />
I would look that up...arnica tablets...thanks, Ever! *hugs*

Kitti......honey, thanks for the hug...hugging you back...*Sylph holds onto Kitti*...........hmmm...you smell good, Kitti.........rose oil, ay? ;)<br />
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Keye......I'm really at ease with my oral surgeon. There's just something about him that feels reassuring. It's that grandpa image...so comforting...............*hugs* (but beware on my next gesture ..... hahaha!)

HT......that would be awesome then! Just think I can all laugh with you.......now I'm excited to have the surgery done!<br />
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Spring......my next gestures, even on comment boards will not be *hugs*...but *bites*...glad to make you laugh on your fine morning! And thank you in advance for thinking of me. *hugs* (for now)<br />
<br />
Lilly......it's a deal...as long as I won't be too groggy to type...but that would be funny, too...slurred typing....I may have seen that recently......and it is funny!

*runs to Sylph , and hugs her * ohh I feel for you sweetie , you'll be fine , but I know exactly how you feel.=-)

You won't be able to log onto EP. You'll be laughing to much. :P

Those were almost the same words my dentist said. "You will be unaware...the procedure would roughly last 20 minutes...someone needs to drive you because you'll feel groggy...and that is good until you take in painkillers...only eat jello and yogurt..."<br />
<br />
If there's one thing I look forward to...it's the painkillers. Then I'll log on EP and see what happens...<br />

LOL! .....I do love manicures...and pedis...can't do without them...<br />
<br />
But ohhh...what if something goes wrong? What if I don't wake up? And what if that grafting with the bone fillings turn out to be bad bones? Not bad as sick-bad but bad as in evil-bad?<br />
<br />
I'm still thinking of Michael Caine...

It'll be very relaxing Sylph. Anasthetics these days are marvellously good. An enforced hour or so of sleep! Lovely :-) <br />
<br />
Pain afterwards may be lessen the thrill somewhat but I find my time at the dentist very relaxing. Like someone is doing a manicure in your mouth.

You're crazy, you know that!<br />

Well, you could always ask them to do the whole thing in a montage then :D

LOL, HT...it's surgery...no iPhones/iPods allowed. I can't even have any jewelries. Plus I will be asleep...like zonked! They'll just nudge me once it's done. ;)

Take an Ipod or something, and just listen to music.<br />
<br />
I'm sure they wont mind it if you'd rather be more comfortable than talk during the whole thing while maybe spitting on them as you talk, with tools in your mouth :P

HT.......I prefer the booze anytime than IV!<br />
<br />
Dean.......not really worried...just scared...<br />
<br />
*hugs to you both*<br />
Thank you. :)

I had a few teeth pulled, but because of braces. They just got me "legally" drunk lol.<br />
<br />
I couldn't walk straight lol

Bet it was just you thinking that, with or without the anesthesia..........LOL!<br />
<br />
The IV will put me to sleep, inject something in my gums, and painkillers after.........Ugh! The more I talk about this, the more I get goosebumps....

lol, I don't pay attention to how that stuff is done. But I know i would never want a dead person's teeth in me... <br />
<br />
again, Ewwwww on the dead diseased people :P

LOL, HT! <br />
First you don't like bugs...<br />
Then the LBD...<br />
Now this... ;)<br />
<br />
The grafting has been done since time immemorial. They usually get from the same person. But I don't want them cutting me then slicing my hip bone or something just to fill my gums. That's how grafting is done nowadays. <br />
<br />
You're funny...

Ewwwww... Your getting teeth from diseased people? Is that safe, or even sanitary? <br />
<br />
I'm not afraid of the dentist... But I wouldnt want a dead diseased person's teeth in my mouth.. But thats just me.

LOL, Dean! Exactly what went through my mind while my dentist was talking about the bone fillings. As incredible as it sounds, I could not believe I would be having them! And I actually agreed and signed the paperworks! ..............hahaha... *maniacal laughter*<br />
<br />
Better watch out when we do our wrestling matches... Ain't just fairy power anymore... ;)

Yes, he's serious...I'm not that young anymore and the chances of it healing the right way without any of the impurities settling in is crucial. Otherwise, I may end up with another surgery because of infection gone bad.<br />
<br />
Should be cool, WG...don't ya worry.........I'll just be biting you all! RAWR! ;)

Bone fillings! Is he serious!!! I've had my wisdoms out and I never had any bone fillings. OMG!!

That was another reassuring part, Lauri...even if he would have said local anesthesia, I would have forced him to give me the works! Just so I don't know what's happening...<br />
<br />
But yes, he seems to be gentle.<br />