History Has Repeated Itself

I do have some fear when it comes to the future. I have had history repeat itself in my life a few times and almost exactly and not within my control. Obviously we all have a little anxiety over the unknown. I just am scared of living through the same events again.

cinfullynn cinfullynn
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6 Responses Apr 10, 2008

You are right Blue, I am talking about the things we have no control over that have happened though.:))

If we learn from these undesirable events in our lives we should be able to avoid the exact same things from happening again.

I know that I have to face my fears head on and I do. I like how you put it concerning being lucky and coward.

Even if they do return, perhaps what you need is to have an early deja-vu and recall where it went wrong and avoid that/those if possible. You may have a second chance, grasp it and you might feel better about the outcome.<br />
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I may not be too brave myself, but someone suggested that I try to forget my fear (then it was shyness) for a split second and "go brave". As we say here, you can't be lucky and coward.

Only if I do not have to go thorough them again.

Understandable Cinful, totally. Does having lived through those things before give you some confort?