Think About This a Lot

it scares me... though i feel positive about it at times. 

i'm normally fixed in my ways, happy with being single, not having much responsiblities... happy-go-lucky me... these lead me to worry about my future.  my fear is that i may not be doing the right thing.  i'm not getting any younger and i'm running out of time. 

will i really be happy 10 to 20 years from now? 

SweetAppleBlossom SweetAppleBlossom
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7 Responses Mar 28, 2009

lcafewood, thank you! :) <br />
<br />
and oh no, i haven't decided yet. i love my hair too much.

My dear friend app , must be something in the air. I was just writing in another friends story the same as u. And really ur beauty comes from within .When u shine ppl are attracted to u. Yes, that old clique lov will be right in front of u. And ur heart will know . I have no kid's that is a gift so u meet ur Man ,,all will fallow , ((HUGS)) try not to worry about the future live only for today like it was ur last.. u will age fast .. no stress , ur life is planned for u just let it happen.(Try 2 enjoy)read,enjoy,nature ,help someone ,old ppl, kid's, family. live, lov ,laugh try. sincerely LCW<br />
ps the hair I cut mine too short ,so be careful. lol

thank you MissLily! perhaps, it's just a matter of time. :)

Just as Mancutout said I think you usually do meet those people when you least suspect. When you are looking to hard you find the wrong people sometimes. So you are thinking you might want to meet a guy who is right for you soon but do you know what you are looking for? <br />
If you think that you can't find him or that you cannot be receptive to finding him he might stay hidden from you for a while...if that makes anysense. Sometimes you just need to change your way of thinking about him. You are perfect as you are but subtle thoughts change what you do.

thanks mancutout! i'll keep that in mind. :)

thanks mahsa! i love kids. though i'm not sure if i'm ever going to find the right guy for me. :p<br />
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i don't know what the future will bring. sometimes not knowing can be really scary.

Well, dearest App, you are so young and ten years from now you will be fine. But I am have a single aunt who regrets not having children.<br />
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Marriage is not that recommended, though it has some bright sides, but I think you should consider having a baby in next 10 years. I think my daughter is the best thing in my life.