I'm not afraid of mirrors I'm afraid of looking into mirrors becuz I know.for fact I'm ugly so when I look in the mirror I feel sad and depressed and ugly and be like dammmmmnnnnnnnnnn I'm ugly as **** son and I don't want to see that and when I wake up I'm blessed to know that there's no mirror and I know im.ugly becuz there was this girl in my H's class and she said wow he's ugly and other insulting hrutful things and ya so when i look in mirrors I get mad sad and feel like killing myself and feel like ending it all so I don't got to look at that ugly spanish face no more (I'm dominican and bolivian) and ya that's my story that's why I hate mirrors
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1 Response Aug 17, 2014

YOU AREN'T UGLY! That girl is the ugly one for having such a bad personality and having the nerve to talk about people behind their back