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When I was 13 I had my first panic attack,but I wasnt scared of storms till a few years later.I think I was 15,we went to a outlet mall with my older sister and her kids.We were headed to Old Navy.I remember it becoming dark and cloudy.I remember seeing these styrofoam balls circling>I laughed and said it looked like a tornado.I wasnt scared of them then.I remember we were finishing up and we were close to the window and bench.I remember my brother in law called my sister,but i had her phone and he said there's a tornado coming straight for ya'll.I freaked and gave the phone to my sister.I was crying.My niece went with my bro to another store and my mom had to go to the bathroom.I remember I called my mom to tell her to come bakc because I was scared.She did.During this,the lights went out,my mom made it back.I think teh storm lasted for about 30 mins or so.I can't remember what time of year it was,but we werent in school.Maybe it was a Saturday?..I remember when it slacked,we went to go to the bathroom(keep in mind the bathroom and old navy werent close together) bc I was gagging and getiing sick to my stomach.Everytime I go to teh outlet mall,it cant be storming,or I wont go.I remember it took a few years to get over this.Little by little I would get less scared during storms.Around 07 or 08 I felt alot better about storms and wasnt as scared unless I was in a car.Even when I was scared after the tornado,It still wasnt as bad as this time.This April,they had severe storms.I remember,I was watching Jeopardy,and all of a sudden I see tornado warning rght where I live and we were in its path(we live in a mobile home).I started freaking out and my  mom did too(she had a heart attack in 08).I told my dad lets go to my grandma's(she lives in a house),He's like if we are gonna go,lets go.We were kinda waiting.My bro said we should stay home.So we left.Well it started storming bad while we are in the car.We are on this road and cant see anything.I saw my dad freaking out and he never does.I think that's why my fear is back.Well it was so bad we didnt think we could even make it to a gas station,but we did.I remember opening the door and getting out.I was full if adrenaline bc the wind was so strong I thought I was gonna be blown away.I ran inside and started freaking out,then my bro ran in behind me.Then my parents ran in after.The man who ran the gas station asked if I was alright.I thought I wasnt.After the storm pretty much passed,we went to my grandma's.she was answering her phone either.That kinda scared me.When we get there my mom gets a text saying our lights are off so we decide to stay there.We wnet back to get a few clothes.I remember seeing our chairs blown over.Even during Tropical Storm Lee,I didnt see that.Now,my fear kind of cripples me.I dont want to leave home when it storms.I dont want to start college or  get a job bc im scared we are going to have bad weather like that.I can't afford a therapist.ometimes my fear isn't really bad,but some days it is.Now since I heard that November is a secondary severe weather season(i live in southeast Louisiana),I'm scared i'll panic and my blood pressure will go up and I will have a heart attack.Some things that help me during storms is listening to music,and reading a magazine while listening to music.I also check the weather alot even if it's not going to be severe.Does anybody have anything they do that helps or something that they think will help me?Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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I just want to say I look up support groups for my area and found one,will update on how this's nov.14th.