My Father

When I was little my father knew I was afraid of thunder. When I was 3 he started making me sleep outiside behind the house every time there was a thunderstorm. Sometimes I'd get sick because it was really cold and I got soaking wet. My mom tried to let me inside before she died when I was 5 but he always caught her then I'd get a beating. It stopped when I was put into foster care when I was 7. I'm 18 now and I'm still terrified of thunderstorms and lightening. About a month or two ago I had to miss work because of it. There was a reall bad storm right before I was going to leave and I ended up in the corner of my room with my eyes shut and my hands over my ears while I cried until it stopped. It makes me feel pathetic that I'm still scared of it but I can't help it, it makes me have flashbacks and I dont like all the loud noise. I'm scared of the dark too and it always gets dark during a storm.
Thats really it, I just really hate thunder. And I'm really really scared of it.
jack85 jack85
18-21, M
Sep 4, 2012