If I can stop aging, freeze myself, and live forever; I would. I really hope reincarnation is real.
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3 Responses Aug 20, 2014

It is not how long you live but how full and well you make it that counts, but I don't think I would pass up reincarnation if offered to me

How would that make you live forever. It wouldn't be living would it? Lol

I actually am not the least bit afraid of death. It's just the body after all. Mine is old and worn. My wife is a sweetheart and I don't want to have her loosexa husband again, but beyond that I am ready to go. My kids are raised, i am sick of government, beam me up.
One time I got to wondering what my spirit was like. Out of the blue the God speaks to me. He said do you remember that experience and took me back to a time where I was circulatory failure to the brain. I still have severe tenititus from it. He ask me what was going on in your mind? It was a stunning recollection. My sight went black, my hearing dimmed to wispers, the world swam, but I watched it all happen my thinking was as clear as ever. He said that was your spirit.
I have way too many experiences to believe this is either the beginning or the end. I will say I believe we go on as ourselves, not reincarnation.