The Octopus

In my younger more innocent years *cough* I went on trips a lot, to different countries, different was fun.  And on one such occasion I went to the ocean, I thought it'd be awesome, to see all the sharks and get eaten my an octopus.  Yea, I got eaten alright...

I waded out pretty far into the water, as far as I was allowed at that age (bout 7 or so? don't quite remember)  And suddenly something attached itself to leg.  Now for someone whose never been in the water before except riding on mommy's back...and having seen Jaws...I ran through the water so fast I think that the thing was ripped off from the sheer force of the water pushing on it...when I got out I never forgot that thing wrapped around my leg.  And whenever I'm at the pool I sometimes just stare at the water, wondering if even though I can see the bottom there isn't some creature in there.  It's childish sometimes, I mean 2 ft 3 ft water... come on.  But *shrug* being a little kid and having stuff like that happen to you can leave that kind of impression.  So I've had to turn down a great many pool parties, and admit to friends on occassion that despite the fact that I know how to swim, I'm deathly afraid of water :)

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You're absolutely right Mayapie...In my mind I know it's so silly but like you said just the fear of it makes it a reality despite what the true reality is. Still, there are plenty of other things I do so it's not really TOO bad :)

i'm sorry that happened and u now fear the water.<br />
if it's any consolation, lots of people react to being traumatized in that way. the fear over-rides the information their eyes are giving them about a situation.

erm... going to a doctor... PROBABLY... and I'm sorta lazy these days, can't get out of bed early :P (no school or bro finally!!! yay... needed it so much...) thursday?

hmm.. dont know.. pretty busy plan for tomorrow... Wednesday?

OH GOSH NO!!!! :P btw, are you free tomorrow? we can meet... if it's not raining anymore...

:D :D awww.. but I;ve never bitten you.. :P (but I caaan! )

I haven't been to croatia with you and you haven't been there so often and long so... sorry, not you :) you annoy me at home enough, sweetie :P

disgusting creatures.. like meee ??? ;D ;D ;D

eww... *hugs him tightly* <br />
well... I'm sorta afraid of sea urchins, stepped on one of them when I was little in Croatia (that's one of the reasons I avoid holiday in Croatia... no sand and lots of sea weed and disgusting creatures...).

Wow, yea my mom's dad did that too her too, she told he me just took her and threw her in to make her learn how to swim. But she did hah, so I guess it was okay :) Still that sucks, some random guy just comes up and snatches you off...

I was in a pool when I was 18 and I was hanging on the side and this idiot comes along and literally snatches me off and I'm floating into the deep water frig drowning trying to get back to the surface and if it hadn't been for a fellow soldier I would surely have died. The tard that yanked me off said he did it because he thought I could swim and he wanted to make me instead of letting me just stay where I was. I don't get into deep pools and I don't go to the beach and I can't say that I am afraid of water but I do not put myself in the position to drown or not be in control of where I am.