I'm Just Terrified With The Size Of Blue Whales

it all began when i played "ecco the dolphin" as a child. they were way too silent and freaking huge in that game. it ruined my mind back then! :D

+ it's also pinocchio's fault. this movie still scares me and not only because of that whale (just remember the boys who turned into donkeys while laughing. brr >_

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1 Response Feb 7, 2010

Hi! I've been scared of whales (even just pictures of them) since I was young and I tried to trace back to what might have frightened me so much. I always thought of the game ecco the dolphin that I played as a child and I realized how much the whales in it freaked me out. As soon as I read this I cracked up..the game must have scarred us as children xD