The Part of Me....

Ever since I was a child, I was hated... not wanting to be. I wanted to be loved, just like everyone else was. I had bullies all the time and zero friends. People often told me to "GO AWAY!" and threw rocks at me... And this is when I developed Social Anxiety. My first thought, when entering a social situation is, "They're going to hate me!" And for most of my life, this was true... they did hate me... and badly. :-(

And by the time I became an adult, I gave up, letting the fear take over. And I just stayed indoors. It's only recently that I started to come outside a little. And when I first began chatting with my best pals, Philip and Sharon, my thought was..."they're going to hate me." So I kinda stayed quiet and waited for Philip to say, "**** off!"... he hasn't said it yet! Well... not to me anyways! But to some jerks on EP! XD

And when I first met my best friend, Momo... and his wonderful friends, Kat and Billy... well... I was waiting for them to say, "GO AWAY!" Hasn't happened yet! =p

Maybe the hatred was just confined to my childhood years... it doesn't seem to be happening much in my adult years. Yes, it still does happen, but not as much as before! I still have cool friends around me... and no one has told me to go away yet. Or threw rocks at me! :-D

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Mar 19, 2009