To Start Off, He's White, and I'm Black

and i think i love him, even though we've only been together for a couple of weels, he's amaizing, he's sweet...but my parents wont let me date, let alone some one who isn't hausa. i have dreams that we'll have the perfect life...he wants four kids, wants to become a marine-biologist...i say he can have four kids, if he plans on going through labour. i want to go to med school. hes always there for me when i need a shoulder to lean on, but he's not to big on sharing what's going on with him. not to mention he lives far away so i see him 0-4 times a week. also, i may be going to boarding school next year, and hes getting a scholarship to go to a university in the states. and, he thinks hes one year younger than me, but he isn't, he's older than me and i was gonna tell him to begin with, it just slipped out of my mind. i really do want things to work out between us, but i don't know if it's going to :(

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I feel that knowing is better than not knowing...<br />
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Age may not be such a big deal to you - I'll assume that it's an issue to him. However, people generally ob<x>ject/fear what they dont fully understand.<br />
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Work things out. From the "sound" of your post it sounds as if you're in mental and emotional turmoil, Don't rush yourself in to any major committments. Take as much time as you need.<br />
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Hope things work out for you.